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St. Anthony’s School for Girls

St. Anthony’s School for Girls

Anthony’s School for Girls is an independent Catholic school located in Ivy House, on North End Road, NW11 and welcomes pupils of all faiths aged 4-11. Rated by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’ in all areas, we provide a safe, nurturing environment for young girls to thrive academically, socially and spiritually.

As with our brother school, St. Anthony’s School for Boys, it is our inclusive, family environment and high quality education that make us exceptional. By learning in a setting where they feel safe, secure and valued, St. Anthony’s girls will grow to be confident and resilient young women, well prepared for the wider world.


Ivy House, 94-96 North End Road


NW11 7SX

Type of school:

Independent School

Teacher/child ratio:

NW11 7SX

Head of school:

Mr Donald Brennan

Gender of pupils:


Age range of pupils:


Phone number:

020 3869 3070

Total number of pupils:

105 pupils


No. of pupils per class:

28 per class

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