Stage Academy Jrs

Stage Academy Jrs

Stage Academy Jrs. is an exciting, high energy class combining fun drama activities and games, singing, dancing and the power of imagination into one life changing experience that will help your child to make new friends, express their individuality & prepare them for the adventures and challenges of growing up. Whether your child is already a bundle of confidence or an inquisitive observer just waiting to come out of their shell, our industry leading teaching team helps every child to explore and grasp their full potential. All of our teachers have trained at renowned performing arts schools or have years of theatrical experience (or both!) so they’re fully equipped to help your child get the most out of our classes. Direct Free Trial Booking Link


Children 3yrs +


£40 per month


Highgate Hill, London N6 5HD, UK


Every Thursday 4pm until 5pm (starting 9th Jan)

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