Halloween Kids Cooking Class

Halloween Kids Cooking Class

What do the kids learn? How much flour and eggs we use How to correctly knead the pasta dough How many minutes you should knead the dough for to obtain a smooth and elastic dough What kind of flours you should use for a perfect dough How to make colourful pasta. They find out where the ingredients come from They learn where to source the best organic, local and seasonal produce in your area They learn how to knead the dough and what ingredients to use They learn to focus and follow directions They learn new words and to measure stuff They learn to be organised and multi-tasking


3 yrs+


£20 per child (cheaper per sibling)


Online Class


26th October - 1st November

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hannah brown

good fun

i had good fun


Lovely, very helpful packages. Couldn't recommend highly enough!


amazing time with kids

i've had a brilliant time at workshops for children in the studio


Spot on, lovely and helpful content of the boxes, great customer service. Would recommend to everyone. This makes such a perfect gift for expecting and new mums!

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