Stage Academy 'Wonderland!'

Stage Academy 'Wonderland!'

Stage Academy’s Wonderland! holiday camp is an exciting, high energy holiday course combining fun drama activities and games, singing, dancing and the power of imagination into one life changing experience that will help your child to make new friends, express their individuality and prepare them for the adventures and challenges of growing up.
This brilliant week for 4 to 8’s will see them explore the magical land of Wonderland that lies down the rabbit hole meeting fantastic and funky characters along the way. The course will culminate in a performance of our Wonderland mini show!


4 - 8 years


£320 for the whole five day week


Storey Rd, North Hill, London N6 4ED, UK


26th to 30th July & 9th to 13th August 2021

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cirus glory amazed

new reviews testing 123


great stuff

i wanna check


great stuff

i wanna check

joao vieira

class is brilliant

my kids age 5 and 8 went to their first class..all smiles fun energy and the promisse they won't stop until they've comeback.

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