Breathing Heart

Breathing Heart

The realm of coaching is incredibly vast these days. I have chosen to be an awareness coach as mindfulness and increasing awareness towards life is what resonates the most with me. Life has challenged me a few times in the recent past. I was lost in my career, lost in my relationship, disconnected from my true purpose. I have lost my husband to cancer after a long, depleting fight. I was feeling too young to be a widow, so were my children, to be without their father. That's when I chose to face my past, as painful as it was, it was time for me to let go of past hurts, the feelings of guilt and shame to live in the present, reconnecting with my soul. I have used meditation techniques, kundalini yoga and coaching to bring my life back on track, focusing on harmonious and graceful relationships. Yes, I am still facing hurdles, yes challenging situations arise at times, I chose to look at them differently though. I am ready to stay present and grounded. I am open to share my experiences, listen to your life story, be of service if I can. My role is not to impart lessons or tell you what to do and how to live your life. Think of me as a channel to awake a deeper level of awareness, expand your perspective, re-align with your desires and your true being. Being myself, deeply connected to dreams, I like to imagine my offer to you as a dreamcatcher - the shamanic object that you hang near your bedroom to protect you from bad dreams while allowing good dreams to filter through. Please contact me for your free initial consultation. Of course you could do it all by yourself. However, having a professional figure going through the journey with you might help to keep focused and to achieve your transformation in a more efficient way. I would be listening to you from a deeper point of view. Brainstorming with you, not passing judgments or having an agenda. We would be looking at areas of your life that you would like to change. Focusing on specific needs or personal transformation. We would have regular meetings in person, online or a simple 'check in' conversation, with a mind to reviewing possible challenges and how to overcome them. I would be there to guide you through particular difficult times, when motivation and doubts might arise.. But I will mostly be with you to celebrate your achievements every step of the way. I wish you well on your journey.. X

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