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Messy Monkeys

Messy Monkeys

You squelch gloop, splash water, splodge paint and so much more – and we do the tidying up! We help children 6 months - preschool discover the world around them and encourage their development in a safe and healthy environment. At Messy Monkeys it's not just lots of fun, it's also educational! We have new themes and textures every week and we encourage our little monkeys to explore their creativity while improving their language skills, fine and gross motor skills and coordination. We also encourage socialisation, providing them with a space to learn from each other and build confidence and friendships.
Benefits include hand-to-eye coordination, learning about cause and effect, new textures and materials, fine and gross motor skills, language development, socialisation, creativity, imagination and learning about the world in an active and fun way.

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One off classes £19
Trial class £16



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