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Wonder Women Workouts

Wonder Women Workouts

Wonder Women Workout is a female outdoors fitness class for women of all ages & abilities. Pre & Postnatal, school Mum, Non-Mum or Beyond. Reconnect to your fitness and say goodbye to injury, aches and pains and hello to your highly functioning body that looks and feels good. Empowering you to rediscover fitness through exploring new ways to move to unlock your body’s true potential, no matter what stage you are at in your pregnancy, postpartum journey and beyond. For women of all ages and abilities. Babies, toddler and children are welcome to join.
The sessions are an hour long and will be in the wonders of Primrose Hill Park at 9:30am Tuesdays, 12:30pm Wednesday and 8am + 9am Saturday. Please pop on to my website to book a spot. It is £13 per session or £55 for 5 session and £100 for 10 sessions.

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