Emergency Services for children and young people are now CLOSED at UCLH and the Royal Free

Emergency services for children and young people are now CLOSED until further notice at UCLH - University College London Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital.

This means you might need to go to a different hospital in an emergency or for a planned appointment.

Children and young people’s emergency services remain open at Barnet Hospital, The Whittington Hospital and the North Middlesex University Hospital.

Please call 111 for advice on the most appropriate place for care!

We found this link very helpful https://conversation.northlondonpartners.org.uk/emergenc.../

Senior consultants have written to the board raising their concerns, criticising that they were not consulted and opposing the closures.

If you would like to comment on the closures to the board responsible for this decision please email :

Dominic.Dodd@nhs.net - Chair of Trust Board

Caroline.Clarke12@nhs.net - Group Chief Executive

Our local MP Tulip Siddiq (Hampstead & Kilburn) recently raised her concerns in Parliament, questioning Matt Hancock regarding the closures and their duration.


Keir Starmer keir.starmer.mp@parliament.uk is another local MP (Holborn and St Pancras)

There are also a couple of petitions on change.org ie https://www.change.org/p/nhs-reverse-closure-of-children-s-a-e-at-uclh

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