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The Plus Programme

We are excited to introduce Plus: a pre-nursery programme powered by leading London independent schools

A child’s early experiences play a vital part in shaping the person they will become. Their first 2 or 3 years are ever-changing and fast-paced, with many activities and classes on offer. Before you know it, you’re thinking about choosing a nursery.

Whether or not you have chosen one, Plus provides an engaging and holistic programme for parent and child.

In the wake of the pandemic, early-years experts from the Alpha Plus Group noticed, first-hand, the effects of social isolation on the children in their nurseries because their experiences had been limited. This inspired them to open their doors to families with pre-nursery children (6-36 months) to provide a space for parents and carers to meet and learn about child development in a real-life setting.

Plus is carefully designed to fully inform parents about their rapidly developing child’s learning. They have an in-depth understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and provide professional guidance for parents seeking to enhance these formative years for their children. Plus includes access to talks for parents from experts like speech and language therapists, sleep therapists, nutritionists etc up to advice on nurseries & schools.

Nannies, grandparents, and other caregivers also accompany children at Plus. The programme is designed for the child’s whole support network to gain further skills and knowledge through our guided learn-and-play sessions, targeted activities, and bespoke advice.

“It’s the highlight of my week: I can take an hour out of my own busy schedule and spend some time with my child. I find it very therapeutic”

A summary of what the Plus programme includes:

  • Twice weekly 60-minute face-to-face learn-and-play sessions for parent/carer and child to attend together at the nursery

  • Twice weekly virtual learn-and-play sessions

  • Bespoke activities to try at home, created specifically for your child by our early-years-teachers

  • Fortnightly talks and Q&A sessions from specialist guest speakers as part of an exclusive parenting programme

  • Access to advice from experienced early years teachers

The learn-and-play sessions take place in nurseries across London (Hampstead, Notting Hill, Chiswick, Putney) and in Kent (Tonbridge).


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