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Circus Glory Trapeze

Circus Glory Trapeze

Genevieve has taught circus arts to adults, teenagers and children for over 30 years in variety of leading circus school and is respected as one of the best aerial teachers in Europe. The key principle of Circus Glory trapeze school is a personal attention from Genevieve who works 1-1 with each student on trapeze, instead of spreading teacher’s attention on all students simultaneously. The small group setting of maximum 8 people ads to the quality of teaching and the intimacy of the group. Every student's progress is closely monitored and supported with one-to-one tips and technique corrections. This speeds up overall learning progress and allows a person to naturally perform to a high standard overtime (demonstrated beautifully by a pool of regular students training with Genevieve for years).


Children 2.5 - 17years


14 weeks term
45 minutes class (£13/class) : £182
60 minutes class (£16/class) : £224


29 Hopkinsons Place, London NW1 8TN, UK


Monday, Wednesday & Friday

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Both our kids loved it!

Our children always had a great time at Genevieve's classes & workshops. It gave them incredible balance and both physical as well as mental confidence.

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