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Kat Vandal

Kat Vandal

VANDALKIDS is a new brand of kidswear born in Hampstead and created by ex-brand director and mother Kat Vandal.
VANDALKIDS has been designed to encourage kids’ creativity and self-expression whilst incorporating parent-friendly features to help the clothes last and reduce their impact on the planet.

Our tracksuits are an award-winning modern take on the famous 80’s shell suits, incorporating not only funky art-inspired designed but also useful innovative features, such as:
Water-repellent and friction-resistant shell only on the hoods, chest, knees and back of the legs to ensure:<image001.jpg>
They are wipeable and can be washed less often, saving the washing
pile and increasing the longevity of the clothes
They resist to carpet or grass friction, protecting the cotton fibres from
piling over time and helping them to last longer
They are breathable and comfortable, unlike other waterproof kits
Short-sleeved hoodies which can be layered over long-sleeve tops for all year wear
Reversible tops for 2 looks in 1 and more wears
Loose fit, adjustable waist and ultra-soft stretchy cotton linings so they are comfortable to wear every day and through growth spurts.
Use code PRAMSTEAD25 for 25% discount on the whole range!

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From £3 to £49


Camden Town, London, UK



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