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'Les Petits Bellots' - bilingual crèche in Primrose Hill, Hampstead & beyond

Meet sunny powerhouse Tessia, a local mum of two and founder of 'Les Petits Bellots', a lovingly run bilingual crèche in Primrose Hill, Hampstead and beyond welcoming children from the age of 6 months to 4 years.

After graduating in Law, achieving a Master’s Degree in International HR and working in an American bank in London, Tessia fulfilled her dream of running her own nursery.

Did we mention she is also a qualified Early Years Educator with more than five years experience in childcare, a registered childminder with Ofsted and a qualified Freestyle Dance Teacher!?

'Our aim is to encourage happy, confident children to take an interest in their surroundings and interact positively with others. This is achieved through a combination of free play, storytime, dancing and structural activities within bilingual sessions in French and English.' she explains.

But raising her own children Tessia also quickly realised there are hardly any crèches in the UK and a big need for parents to get some flexible childcare provisions in order to have a child-free break.

'Short sessions offering two-hour breaks are a great solution for those who prefer a short-term option to the longer-term nursery shifts. You get time for yourself without having to give up your child for the whole day: your child learns French, a little independence, and the ability to socialise in a happy setting.'

Win win - we fully agree!

Rest assured Les Petits Bellots' mini-crèche consists of an experienced, qualified team of French and English-speaking staff, using their skills to ensure the intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of the child.

'We cap the classes at 12 children so the teaching and playing really is unique.'

Les Petits Bellots maintains a 1/4 teacher/child ratio.

‘I love my job, watching children grow and thrive and learn French too. And I love seeing how the parents at pickup time are just as happy as their child.’

Thank you for running these lovely crèches, Tessia, providing us parents with such a great service for our children!

Mondays & Thursdays 9:20 - 11:20

St Mary's Church, Primrose Hill

Wednesdays 9:20 11:20

Primrose Hill Community Library

To book in or to find out more please visit

or call 07401862326

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