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Hoopsy - the eco friendly pregnancy test

Each year, women in the US rely on some 20 million home pregnancy tests to learn potentially life-altering news (Washington University School of Medicine).

These are all made of plastic - just picture the waste! Plastic pregnancy tests take about 30 years to break down (!)

Hoopsy offers an eco friendly solution:

  • made from 99% paper

  • takes only 6 weeks to break down (!)

  • UK medical approval

  • over 99% accurate

  • you can test up to 5 days before your period

  • easy to write on to

  • results within 5 minutes

  • price competitive with the nasty plastic ones (!)

  • order online & get free shipping in the UK!

💌 WIN a pack of 3 Hoopsy Pregnancy Tests! Join our Instagram competition, tag someone who should know about these eco-friendly tests ♻️ - and you could be in for a chance to win one of 3 packs of 3!


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