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Primrose Hill Playground - now renovated and reopened! (22nd May)

Just a kind reminder that the playground on Primrose Hill is currently undergoing renovations. (Closed until April!) The improved playground will feature a central ‘beach’ area, with a new water play feature that will be wheelchair-accessible, and a large new sandpit with a raised table to ensure that children of all abilities can play together. The sandpit will also benefit from shade and seating. Natural play features will be incorporated into the beach area, and these will include tree logs, boulders, and a wobbly bridge.

Popular existing features such as climbing nets and swings will be retained (!🙏) and a new roundabout is also in the planning.

Native plants and trees will be planted at the edge of the playground, improving the biodiversity of the space, and providing the opportunity for children to connect with nature.

Pictures are an artist impression of the improved playground. Rights belong to @theroyalparks


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Image by Sara Kurfeß


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